The Israel Omen II

By: David Brennan


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The Israel Omen II

By: David Brennan

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Publication Date - Sep 2011

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ISBN: 9780615526560

A volcano erupts in Iceland, its primordial smoke and ash blanket Europe, resulting in the worst air travel grounding since the ourbreak of World War II. On an oil rig far out in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion marks the start of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, devastating the seafood and oil industries across the Gulf Coast. A rash of tornados, thought to be the worst in world history, strike over a four-day period leaving widespread destruction in their wake. Were these terrible events nothing more than random acts of God? Picking up where THE ISRAEL OMEN left off, THE ISRAEL OMEN II looks at the continuing sage of disasters coinciding with efforts to remove the fabled "Promised Land" from Israel. But it also goes beyond to consider what they all may be leading to. Does the continuation of these strange, even eerie events since 1991, represent a litany of Divine warnings that have been repeating like a broken record to gain the attention of mankind? THE ISRAEL OMEN II explores the possibility that a truly world shaking cataclysm is approaching, and that the strange, and even historically severe disasters that continue to coinide with diplomatic efforts against the "Promised Land" may represent a growing Biblical warning to mankind. With the sharp turn in U.S. policy against Israel under President Obama, is the stage now set for the culmination of these warnings?

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