Mage of Clouds

By: S. L. Farrell


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Mage of Clouds

By: S. L. Farrell

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Format - Hardcover

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Publication Date - Jan 2004

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ISBN: 9780756401696

The second salvo in the acclaimed epic fantasy trilogy DAW proudly continues the magnificent Cloudmages fantasy saga that began with Holder of Lightning. Here is Book II, Mage of Clouds-set in the British Isles, rich with Celtic magic, ancient legends, and unforgettable characters. Nearly two decades after Jenna became First Holder, her daughter Meriel finds herself thrust into the hands of her mother's enemies. Suddenly she has become a pawn in a deadly game where lives are worth far less than the cloch na thintrA-, the special stones through which all magical power is channeled. Will her mother trade everything she has fought for-and so many have died for-to save Meriel's life. Or will Meriel become a helpless sacrifice in a devastating struggle between her mother and her uncle?

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