The Neighbor's Secret

By: L. Alison Heller

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The Neighbor's Secret

By: L. Alison Heller

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ISBN: 9781250205810

Since they found the body, I've been replaying what I saw. What happened between them, out where no one could hear? I think it was murder. In Cottonwood Estates, a quaint suburb full of PTA parents and manicured lawns, the Best Book Club Group in the World gathers once a month over cockails, gossip, and their latest read. As they debate endings and characters, each of them has her own secret story. Lena has hardly left her house in decades after a tragedy befell her family, but she’s finally joining the group. Her neighbor Annie has a past, and she knows something about what happened to Lena, something she can never share. New resident Jen deeply wants to make some friends, but she’s hiding a secret about her son. And no matter what, they’ll keep their children safe – even if to protect them, someone has to die. L. Alison Heller, whose work has been praised by Liane Moriatry as "warm, witty...refreshingly true to life,” ventures into suspenseful territory with The Neighbor's Secret, a novel of books, secrets, and women who will remind you of your own book club.

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