Kindergarten Basics Super Deluxe

By: School Zone


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Kindergarten Basics Super Deluxe

By: School Zone

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Publication Date - May 2019

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ISBN: 9781601591616

Kick up kindergarten success another notch. Little learners get playful practice in all-important building blocks. The ABC writing worksheets teach letter recognition and handwriting fundamentals, and colorful, captivating think-about-it activities develop skills in sequencing, problem-solving, and critical thinking. "Circle 5 things that do not belong in the picture." "Draw a line from the picture to the book where you would find it." To improve math skills, Kindergarten Basics gets kids tracing and writing numbers 0-10. Then they can move on to learning about number graphs, greater than/less than, and even fractions. Help kindergartners master the basics and beyond.

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