On Adulting

By: Katina Mountanos


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On Adulting

By: Katina Mountanos

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ISBN: 9781510758827

The go-to guide for millennials who are confused about growing up--and need advice on how to do so in a mindful, happy way.    If you feel like the moment you entered adulthood your entire life has become a negotiation rather than a choice, you're not alone. Millions of adults around the world feel like they're not living up to their potential.    But, mindset coach and creative entrepreneur Katina Mountanos has a secret: it's possible to get off the work-gym-sleep hamster wheel--and never look back.   In On Adulting: A Guide To Growing Up In A Mindful, Happy Way, Mountanos shares her exact formula for crafting an adult life that's full of choices. Through her wildly popular blog and community, she's helped thousands of millennials start telling the truth about what they actually want their life to look like. And now, she's helping readers everywhere escape the rat race, make bill-paying and laundry more fun, and live a life they're passionate about.   You'll learn Mountanos's blueprint for being a mindful and happy grown-up, which includes: * Why you're addicted to collecting praise and trophies from a scientific perspective - and how to put an end to it * How to stop following "the rules" even when it feels impossible because you're chained to your paycheck * How to figure out what your passion is in less than 24-hours using a little known creative exercise * Learning a mindset shift that you can apply to boring adulthood tasks such as paying off your loans or meal prepping on Sunday evenings *  How to navigate the shift in relationships--friendships, familial, romantic--as you grow, through advice from experts * Developing a clear personal mission statement that guides who you want to be when you grow up, not only what. On Adulting is packed with tactical tips, real-life stories, and expert advice in order to live a mindful, happy, and conscious life. 

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