Get off Your Knees and Pray

By: Sheila Walsh


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Get off Your Knees and Pray

By: Sheila Walsh

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Est. Publication Date - Feb 2008

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ISBN: 9781400280049

Powerful and personal, Get Off Your Knees and Pray shows women that they have a lifeline straight to the heart of God. I've always shied away from this topic as I really stink at prayer, says Sheila. And she isn't alone. We know we can talk to God, but it just sounds so important, so intimidating, so religious. Only the very spiritual hear from Him directly. Only those who live as missionaries or in a monastery can really pray and move mountains. Right? Wrong. Sheila has come a long way since the days when she shied away from prayer. In fact, today she says, Every sound we utter, every thank you we say, every tear we cry in God's presence is prayer. Her life message has always been You are loved by God just as you are. If we are loved as we are, we can talk to God as we are.

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