By: Lyall Watson


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By: Lyall Watson

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ISBN: 039305117X

As a child in South Africa, spending summers exploring the world with his boyhood friends, Lyall Watson came face to face with his first elephant. From that moment on, Watson's fascination grew into a lifelong obsession with understanding the nature and behaviour of this impressive creature. Around the world, the elephant - at once a symbol of spiritual power and physical endurance - has been worshipped as a god and hunted for sport. In this captivating portrait of the elephant, Watson draws from scientific research, anthropological studies and personal experience to document the animal's wide-ranging capabilities to remember and to mourn. He reminds us of its rich mythic origins, its evolution and its devastation at the hands of poachers in recent history. Part meditation on an elusive animal, part evocation of the power of place, Elephantoms presents an alluring mix of the mysteries of nature and the wonders of childhood.

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