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By: J. L. Morin


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By: J. L. Morin

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Publication Date - Dec 2020

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ISBN: 9781941861547

Cygnus Sci-fi Book Award 1st Place Winner; Book Excellence Finalist; ScreenCraft Semifinalist (top 12% of submissions); Fish shortlist (top 4% of submissions); A cli-fi love story, released December 6, 2020, from the author of the award-winning novel NATURE'S CONFESSION. A woman euthanasist and an Egyptian farmer delve into the evolution of the collective an extremophile virus targets a select few. Cli-Fi at its best, where the twisted scientific changes of our present-day lives catalyze love in parallel universes. LOVEOID grapples with the dilemmas of the latest generation of humankind--that the loving don't survive. In the present-day novel LOVEOID, Olivia unravels a virus that only harms the corporate upper crust. In combat with media, governments and corporations, as love-lacking predators on top kill off life on Earth, Olivia finds love, and comes to question her own ideals. The impossibly mixed match encounters life-threatening obstacles, as Khalid elicits her darkest fears, yet lights the way with ancient holistic remedies and spiritualism. Will love allow them to stay human? "LOVEOID is a wildly unique and immensely realized science fiction thriller set in a dystopian present in which overpopulation is decimating the Earth and its natural resources at a rapid rate. Additionally, the world of the story is incredibly deep, filled with dense detail and nuance that give the impression of a very realized universe."--ScreenCraft"With a new, scary virus as the backdrop, Olivia and Khalid navigate love, cures, and a different world. A timely novel with an interesting message about love and nature"--Booklist "Loveoid, the new novel from JL Morin, aims to change the evolutionary trajectory of life on Earth by putting power into the hands of those who love rather than those who prey.""About time some serious writers and artists took on the biggest issue of our time--maybe all time. This novel shows that engagement fully underway!"--Bill McKibben, Founder"The smart choice to set this eco-thriller in the present brings home the tenebrous climate prognostications we usually reserve for another year."--Brussels Express

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