**SIGNED** The Secret of Laurel Oaks

By: Lois Ruby

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The Secret of Laurel Oaks

By: Lois Ruby

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Publication Date - Sep 2009

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ISBN: 9780765352293

Lila When thirteen-year-old Lila and her family visit Laurel Oaks Plantation in Louisiana, her parents and brother scoff at the claim that the house is haunted. Lila isn't so ready to dismiss the idea. Ever since her friend Roberto died, she's been hearing his voice in the middle of the night. But there are no such things as ghosts, are there? Maybe here, at Laurel Oaks, Lila will find out for sure.... Daphne Daphne was alive once, long ago. She was a house slave to Judge Nethercott at Laurel Oaks Plantation. She met her end in the wintry waters of the Mississippi when she was accused of poisoning her master's wife and two little girls. For two centuries, Daphne has been waiting--waiting for the one who can discover the truth and set her spirit free. Could Lila be the one?

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