By: Iris Johansen


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By: Iris Johansen

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Format - Paperback

Condition - Excellent

Listed - 5 months ago

Est. Publication Date - Aug 2015

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ISBN: 9781250073846

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is still seeking closure from the disappearance of her daughter, Bonnie. No body was ever discovered, and the memories of her haunt Eve daily. Worse, the killer taunts Eve with clues that lead her astray every time. Desperate for answers, Eve enlists the aid of Dr. Megan Blair, a woman known for having clairvoyant skills. With Dr. Blair and the former NAVY SEAL, Joe Quinn, Eve sets out to solve the mystery once and for all. But when lives are in danger, every step could be a trap, and every inch of solid ground seems to be shifting under their feet. And this killer wants nothing more than to lure Eve further and further into his swamp of madness...

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