Teachers with Class

By: Marsha Serling Goldberg; Sonia Feldman


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Teachers with Class

By: Marsha Serling Goldberg; Sonia Feldman

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Publication Date - Mar 2003

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ISBN: 9780740733239

Teachers with Class celebrates teachers and the art of good teaching. Almost everyone has had a special teacher at some point-one who saw potential where others did not, one who made ideas come alive, one who taught more than what was in the textbook. In Teachers with Class, 30 famous and not-so-famous people thank their favorite teachers with essays that praise the difference a good teacher makes.James Earl Jones honors the high school English teacher who helped him overcome his stutter and learn to speak comfortably out loud. An architect recalls a teacher's belief in the unlikeliest student. Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, Thomas Friedman, remembers the teacher who inspired his career in journalism by imparting lessons that are relevant today. One man tells of the math teacher whose patience and guidance gave him the confidence to succeed as a physician and researcher. These stories will spark memories about the special teachers in your own life. You can use the dedication page provided at the beginning of the book to inscribe a note to say thank you to a favorite teacher. Or, to really say thank you, use the list of grants and awards for teachers featured in the book to nominate a teacher who made a positive impact on your life. A portion of the proceeds from Teachers with Class will go to the National Education Association (NEA) Foundation.

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