Bad as I Wanna Be

By: Dennis Rodman; Tim Keown


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Bad as I Wanna Be

By: Dennis Rodman; Tim Keown

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Publication Date - May 1996

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ISBN: 9780385316392

A wild ride inside the glowing head of Dennis  Rodman--the NBA's greatest rebounder and America's  most outspoken and outrageous  athlete. WhenSports Illustratedput the man they call  "America's most provocative athlete" on their  cover, they sold more copies than any other issue  they had sold in a decade (except the swimsuit  issue). Why? Because Dennis Rodman, superstar  basketball player who joined the Chicago Bulls for the  1996 season, has more in common with Mick Jagger  than with his new teammate Michael Jordan. With  his body-covering tattoos and ever-changing  fluorescent hair, Rodman's sideline antics and celebrated  benchings have captivated sports fans as much as  his record-breaking on-court performances and  earned him a reputation as a rebel with the same  penchant for shocking behavior as his on-again off-again  squeeze, Madonna. InBad As I Wanna  Behe'll share his surprising and candid  opinions on everything from fame, money, and race  relations, to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll--and he'll  talk about his life, from going to prison for  stealing watches to his daughter, the light of his  life. At a time when most celebrities and  professional athletes try to control their public  personas like politicians and refrain from  expressing their true beliefs, Dennis Rodman is a  refreshingly unique, uncompromising individual who both  transcends his world and refuses to conform to it.  Bad As I Wanna Beis as candid,  intriguing, and unforgettable as he is.

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