How Evil Works

By: David Kupelian


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How Evil Works

By: David Kupelian

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Publication Date - Feb 2010

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ISBN: 9781439168196

The great paradox of the human race--that we are intelligent enough to understand just about everything, except ourselves--has never been more striking, or more troubling, than right now. Specifically, we don't understand evil--what it is, how it works, and why it so routinely and effortlessly ruins our lives. In How Evil Works , veteran newsman and bestselling author David Kupelian takes a fresh and insightful look at this ancient subject. Diving into the most electrifying news stories of the day--from terrorism and school violence to high-profile sex scandals and dysfunctional Hollywood celebrities--Kupelian explores the secret world of seduction, corruption, and daily temptations in everyday life, demonstrating his uncanny knack for breaking down complex, elusive, and intimidating topics. Kupelian shows that once we really understand "how evil works"--not just in the headline-making disasters and crimes that dominate the news, but also in our own lives--evil loses much of its power, and the way out becomes more clear. And that's precisely why this book bears a powerful message of genuine hope.

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