Chamomile Mourning

By: Laura Childs


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Chamomile Mourning

By: Laura Childs

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Est. Publication Date - Apr 2005

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ISBN: 9780425202517

Another tempest in a teapot from the national bestselling author of The Jasmine Moon Murder. At Charleston's Spoleto festival, teashop owner Theodosia Browning is far from festive when the Poet's Tea is forced indoors by rain. But rain proves to be the least of her problems after a local auction house owner plummets from a balcony to his death-and it looks like someone helped him over the edge. With a full kettle of suspects, Theodosia investigates and uncovers a criminal enterprise of art forgery, fraud--and murder--that leads her into the murky swamps of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Now, she's hot on the heels of a criminal who plans on showing her just how dangerous it is to stick her sensitive nose where it doesn't belong.

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