A World for Butterflies

By: Phillip J. Schappert


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A World for Butterflies

By: Phillip J. Schappert

Format - Paperback

Condition - Excellent

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Est. Publication Date - Mar 2005

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ISBN: 9781554070657

* Chosen by Booklist (American Library Association) as one of the 'Top 10 Sci-Tech Books' in 2000. Butterflies are the most charismatic species of the insect world. Their brilliant colors, ability to fly, complex behavior, ecological relationships with plants and animals, and their broad distribution in a wide variety of habitats have fascinated people for centuries. With over 300 color photographs and drawings, A World For Butterflies is a lavishly illustrated guide to the world of butterflies providing a wide range of information about this colorful and graceful insect. The book is divided into five chapters, each focusing on a major question: * What are butterflies? * How many kinds of butterflies are there? * Where do they live? * How do they live? * What can we do to help them survive? Among the many topics discussed in detail are evolution, life cycle, courtship and reproduction, anatomy, geographic distribution, migration, demography, as well as butterfly-watching. A World For Butterflies is the first book to feature photographs of butterflies in their natural settings, accompanied by fascinating text, such as: * Only one or two out of a hundred eggs will survive to become a butterfly * Strategies to deter predators include false eyespots, heads and bright wings that 'disappear' when folded up * Butterflies without strong anti-predator scent or taste have evolved to look exactly like those that do. Accurate, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, this is the ultimate guide to the world of butterflies.

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