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By: Marisa Reichardt


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By: Marisa Reichardt

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ISBN: 9781419739170

A gripping YA novel about two strangers struggling to survive a massive California earthquake When a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits California, Ruby is trapped in a laundromat with Charlie, a boy she had her first conversation with only moments before. She can't see anything beyond the rubble that she's trapped beneath, but she's sure someone will come save them soon. As the hours and days tick by, Ruby and Charlie struggle to stay hopeful--and stay alive. Ruby has only Charlie's voice and her memories to find the hope to keep holding on. Will the two make it out alive? And if they do, what will they have lost to the earthquake? Riveting, tense, and emotionally complex, Aftershocks weaves together the terror and hope of a catastrophic event while showing the ways that disasters can change and unite us.

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