The Peace Maker

By: Michele Chynoweth

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The Peace Maker

By: Michele Chynoweth

Format - Paperback

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Publication Date - Oct 2012

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ISBN: 9781937844790

Chessa's husband, Darren Richards, is narcissistic, abusive, and an alcoholic. None of that changed when he became the primary candidate for President of the United States, but Chessa's reservations about her husband reached a fever pitch. How could she support his candidacy and tout him as the best leader for her country? Darren's opponent, Leif Mitchell, was selected from his humble life as a stable hand and country rock singer. Now a national hero and a real threat as the leading Republican candidate, Darren will stop at nothing to bring Leif down, causing Leif to reconsider his “high road” approach to politics.When Chessa finds out Leif is preparing to seek revenge on her husband in an attack that will not only destroy him, but may cost other innocent victims as well, she finds herself torn. Should she protect those who would become collateral damage, and by default her husband? Book 3 in the Ellechor REIMAGINES product line, The Peace Maker is loosely based on the Bible story of David's second wife, Abigail.

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