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The Lost Beatles Interviews

By: Geoffrey Giuliano (Editor)

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ISBN: 9780452270251

Meet the Beatles as you've never known them before - from their earliest days in Liverpool and Hamburg, through their unparalleled reign at the top of the pops, and later, the painful aftermath of their much-publicized breakup. In this extraordinary book, Geoffrey Giuliano, the world's foremost authority on the Fab Four, has assembled a rare collection of the wild and uninhibited interviews the Beatles dared to give to an astounded press as they created tidal waves of controversy and set the tenor of the amazing sixties. To this hefty history he adds intimate conversations with Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono, Donovan, Madonna, and many others who knew and worked with the Beatles. In addition, fabled sixties guru Timothy Leary has contributed a provocative Afterword. Here, for the first time, the Beatles speak on such previously taboo subjects as drugs, religion and mysticism, Beatlemania, the deep affection that bonded them and the fiery conflicts that eventually tore them apart, politics, family life, the death of Brian Epstein, the sixties revolution, fame, money, the Yoko Ono controversy, their energetic love lives, the tragic murder of John Lennon and, of course, their timeless, consciousness-expanding music. Along with thirty-two pages of never-before-seen photos, Giuliano brings a wealth of pulsingly vivid, heart-tugging memories of the group that helped define a wondrously turbulent era, the likes of which we have yet to see again. Start reading and relive the love, love, love.

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