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From Dust

by slightly__gothic on May 31st 2021


Pictured are some of my favorite Pangobooks finds so far!

This past year has been nuts! I’ve always been an avid traveler and extroverted introvert (love doing things, just don’t like doing them with people), but then COVID happened and I had to find something to fill all this excess time I suddenly had on my hands. A new hobby didn’t come easy to me. I didn’t wake up one morning with an aha-moment and shout “I’m going to read!” in a voice that sounded somewhat like the crazy scientist from Back to the Future.

Nope, it all started when my mom decided her new hobby was going to be completing all the cleaning and home-improvement projects she had put off until the foreseeable future. Somehow, I got roped into the task of cleaning out all the junk from every drawer and cabinet in the house and what did I find the most of? Books! They were everywhere! Old school books shoved into drawers, chapter books fallen behind shelves, and one lone copy of “Goodnight Moon” that no one remembers buying collecting dust under a dresser. That is when I decided to get back into reading.


That is when I decided to get back into reading.

It had been over eight years since I last read a book for fun. I was way out of the game. I had no age appropriate novels, no idea what genre I would like, and most importantly, no money. That’s why I turned to PangoBooks to find some cheap new books to get back into the game as well as sell all those old ones I’d discovered during my dustbunny wrangling session. Pangobooks has been awesome not only for buying, but selling too. When I’d found all those books, I knew I should sell them. Most items that go to thrift stores and charity shops are never sold and end up polluting some landfill somewhere and, honestly, I needed some money to begin my new hobby. I tried selling them to used bookstores but they only paid about a dollar for each and all that covered was the amount of gas I wasted driving over there. I looked into Ebay and websites that were just for selling used books, but most were scams or charged outrageous fees or books just didn’t sell well on them.

Pangobooks didn’t have any of these issues. I always know exactly how much profit I’ll make for each sale, the customer service is always a real person, never a computer, and if a book fails to ship within 14 days, they refund it without hesitation.

A few tips to help you sell:

  • Reuse old boxes and packaging material. You’d be surprised how much money and waste you can save by reusing bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Place a layer of packing material at each opening. You don’t know how many times I’ve gone to cut open a box only to accidentally stab the front of a book and leave a mark. It makes me sad everytime I see a beautiful new cover with a garish puncture wound that could’ve been avoided if the seller had wrapped them more thoroughly.
  • Be reasonable with your prices. If your book isn’t “Like New” condition, it’s not very popular, and it’s quite old, you shouldn’t be charging full price. I usually take 70% of the retail price then go down from there based on condition and age, while still taking into account the cost of shipping should someone decide to spend $20 at my store.

Good luck and happy reading!

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